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I could apply what I have learned in class to situations in my life are that before I have witnessed kids being cyber bullied and I have not done anything but now that I have looked back at it I wish I had. If something like this happens again I would try to help the person. It is important to de-escalate because if you do not the person being bullied could get bullied even more which could cause more problems.

 I worked with Anthony


For next class please complete the following:

1. Finish your “dial it down map” using Popplet and post a link to it on your Tumblr as well as a link to the article or scenario you selected.

2. In a text post, please reflect on the following:

  • How could you apply what you learned in class to…
Reacting to cyber-bullying


Have you ever encountered online cruelty?

Yes I have seen it

How do you think someone might feel after being the target of it?

They would feel really bad and like they are not worth anything

KWL/Key Vocabulary - Cyber-bullying

Complete the K (what do you KNOW) and the W (what do you WANT to know) below based on your knowledge of cyber-bullying.

K: I know that cyber-bullying is bad and that it is bullying online on social websites.

W: I what to know what exactly it is and what can happen if you do it.

L: I learned what could happen if you do cyberbully and what it does to the person you are doing it to

To the best of your ability please define the following vocab words within the context of the topic of cyber-bullying.

Target: person being bullied

Offender: the person that is doing it

Bystander: people who watch it happen

Upstander: people who try to help the target

Escalate: When the situation gets worse

De-escalate: when the situation starts to calm down